Rideaux de porte en chaînes d'aluminium

Photos of our customers door curtains

Why buy a Maillon.Création® curtain?

Our curtains are made of anodised aluminum *, so they have better resistance to wear, corrosion and heat.
In addition, our special anodizing used on each link retains the tone of the color as well as the shine that resist the passage of time.

Maillon.Création® chain curtains:

  • Are of very high quality, "French-made, Maillon.Création® is a registered trademark"
  • They are sturdy and hygienic
  • Do not fear the rain
  • Let the light pass (no risk of darkening your room with our curtain chains).
  • Are washable (neutral detergent)
  • Are modern and decorative
  • Let the air pass
  • End the vis-à-vis
  • Are available in different colors & customizable.

(Warning there are currently some sellers on the internet who sell low quality chain curtains)

Our curtains are effective against flying insects, paties & less expensive than a mosquito net!

There are hundreds of anti-fly products on the market, unfortunately, these often have many disadvantages:

  • They are harmful to our health as well as to the fauna and flora.
  • They are unsightly and unhygienic.
  • They must be kept out of reach of children as well as pets.
  • They must be changed regularly ...

 Fortunately, we have the solution to get rid of these intruders without using any chemicals.

 With the Maillon.Création® curtains, the flying insects stay outside thanks to the regular movements of the chains and the brilliance of the links.

 For your home in the summer, leave your doors and windows open without risking the invasion of flying insects!

* Anodizing is the specific surface treatment of aluminum which consists in creating by electrolysis a very resistant uniform layer of aluminum oxide, this layer gives a glossy appearance very aesthetic and ensures a very high resistance to rain , oxidation ...