Our door curtains & mesh aluminum Maillon.creation decorations

Door curtains or decorations in anodized aluminum chains, several colors to choose from

Starting from 127 € All tax included
(Free Delivery)

Door curtains or decors in anodized aluminum chains, two colors, several combinations to choose from

Starting from 131 € All tax included
(Free Delivery)

Door curtains or decors in anodised aluminum chains with drawing

Starting from 160 € All tax included
(Free Delivery)

Door curtains & Decors in anodized aluminum chains, Catalan colors

From € 168 TTC
(Free Delivery)

Space separations or interior and exterior fittings in anodized aluminum chains

Starting from 54 € All tax included
(Free Delivery)

Chains and bars by the meter to make your door curtains or decorations

From 4 € TTC
(Free Delivery)

Plastic door curtains

Starting from 70 € All tax included
(Free Delivery)

Our curtains mesh alu Maillon.creation

Door curtains & decorations are made of anodized aluminum, so they have better resistance to wear, corrosion and heat.
In addition, special anodizing used on each link keeps the tone of the color and brightness that are so resistant to the passage of time.
Installed in front of a door, it keeps out all insects flying (he serves as mosquito net).
Sublime also your interior. Wall decoration, separation of parts, or to hide your stairs below or your libraries... Our products are regularly used by decorators, architects and designers to implement or improve their projects.
Our door curtains & decorations are bespoke and customizable to infinity, to adapt perfectly to your needs by combining elegance and practicality.